Priority Sectors

In 2015, Paraná has chosen six priority sectors for investment attraction and development. The purpose of this action, led by the APD is to strengthen segments where the Paraná already has a strong presence and to develop markets with technological potential to generate employment and added value.

In addition to making the diagnosis of the current situation of production chains existing in the state, APD is working on the preparation of studies to guide development actions involving from skilled labor training and the creation of new university courses to visits rounds to potential investors.In addition, the agency negotiates with international financial institutions making partnerships with Paraná Development and BRDE to support investments in the region.

The Strategic sectors for Paraná are:




  • Automotive industry is in the state DNA for over 40 years, starting with the installation of the first truck factory.
  • Audi, Caterpillar, Case New Holland, DAF, Fiat, Nissan, Paccar, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo are already established brands.
  • Active participation in the growth of the sector, with special projects for the large chain of the industry suppliers.
  • 10% of the Brazilian production of cars, trucks and pick up trucks happens here.
  • Third Brazilian automotive Polo
  • 5 large manufacturers installed in the state
  • More than 1,000 companies in the area
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“Curitiba and metropolitan region offer an excellent combination of economic development, logistics infrastructure, skilled labor, and quality of life in the areas of health, culture and leisure.”

Alain Tissier
Vice President of Renault in Brasil

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airports, including the best in Brazil

Sectorial development strategy focused on the long term and based on in-depth economic analysis.

Paraná Air law: government guarantee of support in the implementation of new investments.

  • 8 mil masters degree
  • 4 mil Phd students
  • Nearly 5,000 new engineers on the market per year.


Automotive industry as part of the state's DNA for over 40 years, serving as a basis for the development of aerospace and defense sector.

Several strategic issues influenced DAF in choosing the state of Paraná, such as the important part of the truck market the region holds, it's agricultural production and also the high concentration of transport companies. Another very important factor is the labor structure offered in the state. Educational institutions such as the Federal Technological University of Paraná, Ponta Grossa State University and the Senai of Paraná motivated us in relation to the local labor qualification. In each state we act we identifi a particular and different customer profile. However, Brazilian consumers, in general, are more demanding in what concerns the union of fundamental qualities for transport: the quality of the truck and the low total cost of operation. There are no differences in this area concerning Paraná customers and we have a product and services that meet their expectations.

Michael Kuester
President of DAF Caminhões Brasil

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  • Much of the production comes from highly professionalized cooperatives. The world's largest agricultural cooperative is from Paraná.
  • It is one of the largest grain producers in Brazil, with high supply capacity for the food sector.
  • Considering livestock, it is the largest producer and exporter of poultry, with highlights for the production of other meats, milk and dairy products too.
  • The quality of its production, combined with the proximity to the industry, ensures the growth of the sector.
  • Strong tradition in agricultural production, with productivity ranking above the national average.
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“The State of Paraná offers good possibilities for the development of small, medium and large companies. skilled workforce, a stable business environment and a solid structure join the hospitable, kind and dedicated striking features profile of the Paraná citizen.”

Cyro Gazola
General Manager of Mondelez Brasil

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Companies in the area


Partnerships with world-class laboratories

  • Tecpar
  • Paraná is Brazil's third largest producer in the cosmetics industry and perfumery, with 155 companies. Highlighting "O Boticario", a local initiative that originated the largest network in the world perfumery franchises.
  • In the health area, the industry has partnered with the Institute of Technology of Paraná (Tecpar), a high-end producer of biopharmaceutical and immunobiologicals.
  • World's third largest consumer market (PIA IBGE).
  • Brazilian industry of personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics grows more than 10% every year for 5 years in a row (Sector Value) it has already surpassed France and nowadays Brazil is the third largest consumer in the world.




  • Labs worldwide as LACTEC, and projects such as Curitiba Tecnopark makes this region a key point for investors.
  • Londrina is the second largest center of Paraná ICT, demonstrating the strength and potential of the state interior.
  • The participation of Paraná in the segment tends to grow.
  • One of the 10 largest computer companies in the world's was born in Paraná.


Worldclass Laboratories

  • Tecpar (in the state)
  • Lactec (in Curitiba).

More than


Companies in the area




in Brazil

“Harris has signed an agreement with the Government of Paraná for the production of radio and technologies suitable for use in critical missions for public safety because of finding Paraná an enabling environment for the development and production of high end technology. I highlight infrastructure, economic indicators, skilled labor and benefits of Paraná Competitive program, as key motivators for coosing the State of Paraná. Local manufacturing is an important step to increase our competitiveness in the national market.”

Reinaldo Rezende, President of Harris

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  • Wind farm already constituted.
  • Stimulus to the development of renewable sources of energy generation
  • Own generator park, with 32 hydroelectric plants of various sizes.
  • Great potential for biomass generation.
  • Regions north and northwest of the State with strong capacity of capturing solar radiation.